Wade and Kaiya are ringing in the new year by returning to the old classic, Chrono Trigger! After having spent the last (*checks calendar*) five months in the Guardia prisons, they find themselves unexpectedly out of time in several ways: narrowly dodging execution, finding hope in a hopeless post-apocalypse, and landing themselves in a very odd place indeed... Along the way, they discover the standard keyboard configuration for all important computers in 1999, dip briefly and unexpectedly into body horror, wave their hands really hard, and discover who the true protagonist of the game is!

Wade and Kaiya are back with the celebrated 1995 SNES masterpiece Chrono Trigger! Put on your overthinking caps and join them on a brand-new adventure as they examine political and societal tensions between humans and monsters, speculate about the state of the dungeon architecture industry, and probe the depth of the gene pool of Guardia Kingdom - all while dodging Lucca's attempts to kill them!

Due to illness, we are extending our hiatus by another two release cycles. Please check back for Episode 27 (or, Season 3 Episode 1) on the new release date of August 4th. We apologize for the delay. 

Wade and Kaiya are on hiatus this week! We will return on July 7th with the first episode of our season 3 game - Chrono Trigger. In the meantime, please enjoy some bonus outtakes from episodes 23 through 26!

Wade, Kaiya, and special guest Jourdan get together to talk about Lufia 2! They discuss their thoughts on the ending, reminisce about their childhood memories of the game, reflect on the ways in which their playstyles have changed as adults, explore ties to other games in the series... and reveal what game will be played next!

Thank you for following us through this wonderful journey so far! We will be taking a brief hiatus between games, so there will be no full-length episode on June 23rd. Instead you can look forward to a few extras, including a collection of outtakes from the last few episodes. We'll see you again on July 7th with a brand-new game to exchange!

Wade and Kaiya are taking aim at the Sinistrals themselves - a path that does not come without sacrifices to make and prices to pay. Along the way, they discuss convoluted reflections, puzzle over questionable final words, solve the mystery of the FLYING ISLAND LASER CANNONS?!, and reunite with an old friend and a... new frenemy? 

This is the last gameplay episode of Lufia II, but don't go anywhere! We have a special retrospective episode coming up for you next time, and a lot of exciting things planned for the future!

Wade and Kaiya are back from an unplanned hiatus, and they have lots to share! In this episode, they verify the existence of a fire-breathing dragon, an underwater ghost ship, and the titular FLYING ISLAND LASER CANNONS(?!) They also discuss the finer points of scientific nomenclature, tiptoe around the subject of preemptive punishment, take advantage of some five-finger discounts, and catch up with some old frenemies. Wade denies his proclivities for grinding for random drops, Kaiya says "flame fruit" when she actually means "secret fruit", and absolutely no classified stories are shared.

Wade and Kaiya puzzle over unlikely retrofittings, deal with an unrepentant ecoterrorist, and discover unexpected racial diversity in the world of Lufia 2! They also cross paths with their second Sinistral again, scratch their heads at the world's worst couples therapy, and finally uncover Iris's secret...

Guess how Wade and Kaiya are celebrating the Game Exchange's first birthday? If you guessed "dealing with a household that came down with the plague" and "dealing with having been laid off", respectively, you'd be correct! Episode 23 will be delayed by another release cycle as we straighten out our lives. In the meantime, please enjoy some bonus outtakes from episodes 19 through 22!

Wade and Kaiya shamelessly rip off Dragonball Z, put out an urgent call for botanists, decline to comment on obvious pandering, catch fragments of what might have been a really good romance and/or tragedy and/or horror story, applaud as a princess defends a prince's honor, undergo three-quarters of a good introduction, witness a touching tale of true love conquering economic pressures, and get way, way too philosophical! We also meet our second Sinistral and get a glimpse of what's to come.

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