August 19, 2018

Hiatus 1

Wade and Kaiya are on hiatus this week! We will return on September 2nd with the first episode of our season 2 game - Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals. In the meantime, please enjoy a bonus outtake from Episode 8 (wherein Kaiya's husband becomes an Uber driver), check out our brand new FAQ page (and contribute some questions if you have any!), read about the EarthBound cartridge that went into space, and drop a comment or like on this fantastic piece of EarthBound fanart by @jackfruitchips_ on Twitter!

Wade, Kaiya, and special guest Marshall get together to talk about all things EarthBound! They discuss their childhood memories of the game, swap some crazy conspiracy theories, go on a hunt for twenty-year-old fanfiction (condensed into a montage for your convenience), suggest some baby names, attempt to reform society... and reveal what game will be played next!

Thank you for following us through this wonderful journey so far! We will be taking a brief hiatus between games, so there will be no full-length episode on August 19th. Instead you can look forward to a few extras, including a newly revamped FAQ page and a bonus clip from Episode 8. We'll see you again on September 2nd with a brand-new game to exchange!

Wade and Kaiya become monsters in order to fight monsters, and gaze into the abyss which gazes also back at them.

This is the last gameplay episode of Earthbound, but don't go anywhere! We have a special retrospective episode coming up for you next time, and a lot of exciting things planned for the future!

Wade and Kaiya help Ness with the deepest introspection, take a world-spanning shopping tour, and confront the most polite siege ever undertaken. It's the second to last gameplay episode of EarthBound!

Wade and Kaiya speculate on Ness's paternity, compare the network coverage of psychics vs. bird-phones, navigate a figurative minefield of foreign relations and then navigate a literal volcano! They finish up the episode by coming full circle and taking a peek back at the beginning of it all.

Wade and Kaiya witness the sped-up crumbling of a monkey relationship, discuss self-chosen nomenclature (twice!) and discover that the game devs are waving at them from the 1990s! Along the way, Kaiya determines that she's not playing Assassin's Creed, Wade tries (and fails) to beat the odds, and Kaiya manages to turn Wade's understanding of the ontology and ethics of EarthBound completely on its head.

Wade and Kaiya mourn the deregulation of the dungeon maintenance industry, evaluate the limitations of the local phone system, reflect on the unique economics of swamp-based usury, attempt to talk about baseball and/or literature, and agree that they're narratively lost.

Wade and Kaiya dodge a whole lot of lightning, take a ride with the worst sea captain ever, discover the hotel that offers the least bang for your buck (it doesn't even have doors!), and finally discover how to make Jeff useful!

Wade and Kaiya set a mushroom on fire, get a taste of the lives of the rich and pretentious, endure gratuitous amounts of brutality in the name of Buddhism, and finally... pursue a rat in a sewer? Just another day in the world of EarthBound!

Wade and Kaiya welcome you to Moonside. Welcome to Moonside. Wecomel to Edinsoom. Wel come to Moo nsi ns dem oons ide

Also, click here for the promised guide to the monkey caves, courtesy of the Earthbound Walkthrough!

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