Wade and Kaiya are ringing in the new year by returning to the old classic, Chrono Trigger! After having spent the last (*checks calendar*) five months in the Guardia prisons, they find themselves unexpectedly out of time in several ways: narrowly dodging execution, finding hope in a hopeless post-apocalypse, and landing themselves in a very odd place indeed... Along the way, they discover the standard keyboard configuration for all important computers in 1999, dip briefly and unexpectedly into body horror, wave their hands really hard, and discover who the true protagonist of the game is!

Wade and Kaiya are back with the celebrated 1995 SNES masterpiece Chrono Trigger! Put on your overthinking caps and join them on a brand-new adventure as they examine political and societal tensions between humans and monsters, speculate about the state of the dungeon architecture industry, and probe the depth of the gene pool of Guardia Kingdom - all while dodging Lucca's attempts to kill them!

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