Wade and Kaiya are on hiatus this week! We will return on July 7th with the first episode of our season 3 game - Chrono Trigger. In the meantime, please enjoy some bonus outtakes from episodes 23 through 26!

Wade, Kaiya, and special guest Jourdan get together to talk about Lufia 2! They discuss their thoughts on the ending, reminisce about their childhood memories of the game, reflect on the ways in which their playstyles have changed as adults, explore ties to other games in the series... and reveal what game will be played next!

Thank you for following us through this wonderful journey so far! We will be taking a brief hiatus between games, so there will be no full-length episode on June 23rd. Instead you can look forward to a few extras, including a collection of outtakes from the last few episodes. We'll see you again on July 7th with a brand-new game to exchange!

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