Guess how Wade and Kaiya are celebrating the Game Exchange's first birthday? If you guessed "dealing with a household that came down with the plague" and "dealing with having been laid off", respectively, you'd be correct! Episode 23 will be delayed by another release cycle as we straighten out our lives. In the meantime, please enjoy some bonus outtakes from episodes 19 through 22!

Wade and Kaiya shamelessly rip off Dragonball Z, put out an urgent call for botanists, decline to comment on obvious pandering, catch fragments of what might have been a really good romance and/or tragedy and/or horror story, applaud as a princess defends a prince's honor, undergo three-quarters of a good introduction, witness a touching tale of true love conquering economic pressures, and get way, way too philosophical! We also meet our second Sinistral and get a glimpse of what's to come.

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