Wade and Kaiya overestimate their strength, lose their first party member, aid an exhibitionist carpenter, take notes on effective snappy retorts, and shake their heads sadly at a profound tangle resulting from the Dunning-Kruger effect crossing with Adlerian psychology - with further notes on optimal hostage-taking.

Wade and Kaiya continue to build their party in Lufia 2! This week they also discuss optimal hostage-taking strategy, shake their canes, justify a scam by falling back on neoclassical economical principles, ponder the value of a woman's tears, and... split the party. (And it isn't a disaster!)

Note: In this episode we stated that the Camu Armor heals each member of the party by 75% of the wearer's max HP. This is incorrect. It actually heals each member of the party by 25% of the wearer's max HP. The values cited for the Holy Wings are still correct.

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