Wade and Kaiya set a mushroom on fire, get a taste of the lives of the rich and pretentious, endure gratuitous amounts of brutality in the name of Buddhism, and finally... pursue a rat in a sewer? Just another day in the world of EarthBound!

Wade and Kaiya welcome you to Moonside. Welcome to Moonside. Wecomel to Edinsoom. Wel come to Moo nsi ns dem oons ide

Also, click here for the promised guide to the monkey caves, courtesy of the Starmen.net Earthbound Walkthrough!

Wade and Kaiya encounter a recording mishap which means that Kaiya must rerecord all her audio FROM THE FUTURE! But they manage to hold a temporally-disjointed discussion about black market weapons cartels, workplace harassment, and finding Twitch chat in the desert.

Wade and Kaiya know you are very busy today and many of you have plans with your families. Therefore, they're doing their part to speed you back to your holiday activities.

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